The Loire, 2006

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The cottage we stayed in Leaving Amboise Leaving Noizay - Note the "Leaving Town" line Wind in the field
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Chateau on the hillside Wine Caves between Noizay and Vouvray Winery in a hillside Stopped at a winery
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Picnic at Chaumont Near entrance to Azay-le-Rideau Approaching Chenonceau At Chenonceau
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Entrance to Chaumont Azay-le-Rideau, built on the Indre River Closeup of Azay Chaumont Chateau
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Langeais Chateau Amboise Chateau Stables at Chaumont Front door at Langeais
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Azay Council Chamber Ballroom at Chenonceau Ceiling at Jacques Coeur Palace
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Interior at Chaumont Dining Room Wall hangings, Langeais Fireplace
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Tile floor and table Staircase at Langeais Sun King Kristin with Statues
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Downtown Tours Paella at the Farmers' Market Side entrance at Bourges Cathedral Carvings at Bourges
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Resting after climbing the tower at Bourges Roof of Bourges Tours Cathedral Stained Glass, Tours
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Stained glass, Bourges Statuary at Bourges Wine Tasting Wine Tasting
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"Degustation" - Wine tasting Pool at Villandry Gardens at Villandry Grounds at Chenonceau
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Gardens at Villandry Leaving Chenonceau

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