Goth As I no longer have a lot of opportunities to go out to the clubs, my Gothicism expresses itself as an esthetic preference. Architecture, art, clothing, jewellery, erotica, movies

Graphic Novels and Comics. Erotica, Art, Movies

Burning Man Festival

Favourite Movies: Fargo, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Heat, Quigley Down Under, Ronin, Ran, The Crow, The Matrix, Underworld

Knife and Sword Collection. No swords yet, but a few knives.


Woodworking When I got back from Queen's in 1992, one of the first things I did was take up woodworking as a hobby. These days I'm mostly building furniture for around the house, but my eventual goal is to build a series of Universal Mood Enhancers.

Computer Programming

Cooking - Here my interest is in living well, as opposed to creating Art.


Rock Climbing, mostly indoor, but I also occasionally go outdoors. I also do a little Ice Climbing in the winter.

Go, an ancient boardgame which I play on line.

Contact Dance, also known as Art Wrestling or Physical Romance.

Mountain Biking

Snowboarding. Still a beginner.