Wed 17 December 2008

Added an article on ways to improve the auto industry.

Thu 28 June 2007

Updated my speculations on how a word processor might allow the user to encode meaning, this time by manipulating the graphical presentation of the syllables in a text's words.

Thu 30 Nov 2006

The large movie distributors will soon be selling movies over BitTorrent. This is a positive move, as it will allow studios to release multiple versions of the same movie: Wal-Mart will no longer be able to dictate what people see. In the first few years there will be the cinematic version, the kids' version, and extended or director's cuts. However, I hope that over time some movies will become like Lego sets, with anyone able to upload their own selection and ordering of the scenes. A while ago I wrote an article on open-source movies.

Sun 3 June 2006

Added travel pictures from our trip to the Loire in May 2006.

Tue 18 April 2006

Added brief reviews of Underworld Evolution, Aeon Flux, and Tank Girl. All three are movies with strong, sexy female characters in which the movie version or sequel has betrayed the premise of the original work.

Tue 28 March 2006

Considered a weblog thread on a slip in the release date of Windows Vista.

Tue 27 Sept 2005

Added an article on e-government.

Mon 1 Aug 2005

Started a new section on the future of farming! A subject of which I have little personal experience, but an increasing interest in how robotics might revolutionize the field(s) .

Tue 26 July 2005

A weekend of plays at Stratford, Ontario inspired me to update my computational rhetoric page.

Thu 21 July 2005

Updated the runner's knee resource page.

Mon 13 June 2005

For the past couple of months I haven't been rock climbing due to a bout of runner's knee. Here's a little resource page.

Tue 8 February 2005

Added two little articles on the book The Rebel Sell and the Mac Mini.

26 January 2005

Last autumn I read an article on extensible programming by Greg Wilson. This has subsequently been referenced on Slashdot, although only a few Slashdotters actually read the article or understood it. At the time I wrote Greg a response, which I have recently formatted in HTML.

14 January 2005

Wrote a response to the programming challenge on IOTUM's web site.

5 January 2005

As part of a showcase of my graphical endeavors, I've added a gallery of some pictures I liked on a visit to

4 December 2004

I factored my response to the Craig Larman talk into articles on evolutionary software development, market distortion in times of technological change, and the auto industry.

22 November 2004

After attending a talk by Craig Larman at the XPToronto interest group, I gathered some thoughts on how evolutionary development techniques might become more widely used.

16 September 2004

Added musings on social networking.

14 September 2004

I release this concept to the world: Gothic Retirement Homes. Anyone who wishes to cash in on the concept is free to do so; I'll even provide advice for a small consulting fee!

10 August 2004

Added an article on open-source movies.

Updated my article on the oil crash. Using this as a jumping-off point, I now ramble on about various population-related issues.

18 June 2004

Added a review of The Seige

2-3 April 2004

Attended the Ad Astra science fiction and fantasy convention.

Tue 23 Mar 2004

Just read an interesting article on the impending fall of civilization due to rapidly worsening oil shortages. See my response here.

Mon 9 Feb 2004

Joined Orkut, an online social networking environment. I also took another of those online personality tests that used to be popular three or four years ago. The results are still the same: I'm an "INTJ", destined to be a programmer or engineer from birth.

Thu 5 Feb 2004

My first new article in a while: Online democracy.

Thu 22 Jan 2004

A fire that started in the garage behind our neighbor to the East (390 Queen) spread into our back storage area. The fire was put out pretty fast, but we had to move to Kristin's sister Paula's place for a week and a half. (Thanks Paula!) It took a week and a half because the electrical inspector noticed various things that needed upgrading before the power could be turned back on. We're back here now though, and the place doesn't even smell that smoky any more!

Wed 14 Jan 2004

Added an article on the crossover between geekiness and other subcultures, and one on an approach to simplifying AI problems.

Mon 5 Jan 2004

I notice the gutter press is currently excoriating TV's Crocodile Hunter for teasing a crocodile with his children. My feeling is that a father's role includes showing the kids dangerous things at close enough range that they understand risk.

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